Oren Wooden’s Apple House

Since 1995

Explore their restaurant, bakery, orchard, farm market & gift shop. 

Experience the essence of autumn at Oren Wooden’s Apple House, a delightful escape nestled within the heart of an enchanting apple orchard. From the iconic fried chicken to mouthwatering apple-infused creations, each bite is a symphony of taste that resonates with the orchard’s natural beauty. Whether you’re sipping on freshly pressed apple cider or relishing in hearty comfort food, Oren Wooden’s Apple House offers a unique blend of hospitality, history, and the sweet bounty of the orchard—a true embodiment of the season’s spirit.

True Southern Hospitality 

“The Wooden family are just the best! I love visiting, buying their wonderful apples, eating there, yummy apple pie and apple dumplings.”

Family owned & operated 

Step into a world where Southern hospitality comes alive at the restaurant and bakery, lovingly operated by a sixth-generation family. We invite you to experience the warmth of their heritage as they serve up not just delectable dishes, but a genuine slice of Southern life.  As you savor their creations, you’re not just enjoying a meal, but becoming part of their family story. Come, relish in the flavors of tradition and the embrace of Southern charm that only a legacy can provide.


Visit today 

Located on the top of Dayton Mountain, Wooden’s Apple House is open seven days a week, in the fall season. Visit their site by clicking the button below to start planning your trip.