Dog Boarding & Doggy Daycare

The Barkyard  provides a safe, comfortable, and engaging environment where your furry friend can play, relax, and receive personalized care while you’re away.

Welcome to our pet boarding and daycare paradise, The Barkyard, a pawesome retreat for your four-legged friends! Featuring spacious play areas, cozy accommodations, and endless belly rubs, they promise a tail-wagging experience for your fur baby.

They understand that every pet thrives with personalized care. Whether your pet enjoys unlimited playtime with new friends or prefers a quiet spot to relax and nap, they provide it all!

For you, this means that work and travel are easier knowing your pet is happy and well-cared for. 

Safe. Caring. Reliable.


Conveniently located on Hwy 127, this dog boarding service is ready to welcome your furry friend—reserve your spot today or learn more by clicking below!