Pikeville boasts a plethora of charming venues, many nestled within rustic barns, offering a cozy and intimate atmosphere for events. These venues often provide ample outdoor seating and breathtaking scenic views, making them perfect for gatherings in the midst of nature’s beauty.

Red Bird Manor

The historic Pope House, a splendid relic from 1906, exudes timeless elegance with its Classic Revival Style architecture, showcasing Corinthian and Ionic columns, and adorned with double-hung sash windows. 

Valley View Farms 

Nestled amidst picturesque landscapes, the newly constructed barn venue offers an expansive, versatile space for a variety of events. Guests can revel in the venue’s ample room and soak in the stunning, panoramic views that serve as a captivating backdrop to any occasion.

Flat Top Mountain Farm 

This charming barn venue boasts not only its rustic elegance but also breathtaking views that encompass fields of vibrant wildflowers and a serene lake. An ideal setting for capturing unforgettable pictures that perfectly blend rustic charm with nature’s splendor.

Mountain Heights Venue

Enjoy a spectacular modern barn with a rustic, yet elegant, appeal. Overlooking a lovely 3-acre pond surrounded by lush green fields, this new venue is nestled within the tall mountain hardwoods, creating the perfect scenery for your special event

Austin Bend Farm 

This barn venue’s open-concept design lets guests relish the spacious interior while soaking in the natural beauty of its picturesque location, harmoniously blending rustic simplicity with natural elegance.

The Hollow at Peach Orchard 

Nestled beside a serene lake, this barn venue offers a rustic yet idyllic setting for memorable events. Guests can enjoy the soothing ambiance of the water while celebrating in the charming, lakeside atmosphere.

Lucky Starr 

This versatile venue is perfect for weddings and a wide range of events, from family and class reunions to church picnics and birthday celebrations, and much more. Its adaptability and scenic surroundings make it an ideal choice for any occasion. 

The Venue

Located in the heart of downtown Pikeville, this indoor venue offers an ideal setting for class reunions, birthday parties, and various gatherings, complete with a dedicated space for live music and games to enhance the festivities. Its central location makes it a convenient and vibrant choice for hosting a memorable event in our town. 

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